9 Things You Can Say In Class To Keep Bringing Up The Fact That You Voted

  1. What do you think, class? Should the final be cumulative? Let’s all take a vote.
  2. My favorite couple almost got voted off Dancing With The Stars this week. Good thing I voted.
  3. Suffrage is rad.
  4. This class matters to me, and so does the state of our country.
  5. Decisions are hard to make, but when I do make a decision, I do it by voting.
  6. Oh gosh, is my “I Voted” sticker still on this jacket?
  7. Can I submit my quiz absentee?
  8. I’m excited for Thanksgiving, but I’m mostly excited for November 8th, 2020, because that’s when I get to vote in a presidential election again.
  9. God, I love voting.