Amount Of Effort Needed To Organize Costume Pushes Man To Stay In This Halloween

After having been invited to a costume party weeks ago, NYU Sophomore Jerald Jeremiah has decided that the effort to put a costume together outweighs the fun he expects to have. “I feel it’s just a burden on the party goers. I have assignments and a job. I don’t have time to find an astronaut helmet,” comments Jerald, who for the past two years, has gone as the Karate Kid, having saved his outfit from when he tried actual karate three years ago. “I’m concerned that I’ll be judged for not having an Adventure Time True Detective crossover costume, or that some alternate Doctor Who from the Wild West is going to heckle my shit.” Reports indicate that Jerald will either “stay in, drink pumpkin spiced rum, and watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, or work on an Iron Man meets the Iron Chef costume.”