Andrew Hamilton’s Wife Launches “Let’s Move!” Campaign Because She Misses Home

Mere weeks after her husband took the position of President at NYU, Jennie Hamilton has already launched a dinner table campaign to get them to leave New York.

Called “Let’s Move!,” the program essentially lays out a plan of action in which the ultimate goal is the Hamilton family moving back to Mother England. Jennie claims this has nothing to do with the current climate of politics in the United States, particularly the ongoing presidential race.

The proposed plan was introduced over dinner this week, with Jennie bringing her presentation to President Hamilton mid-dessert. Jennie claims that she had not realized that NYU was “in fact, not really a ‘Global Network University,’ but rather just an overpriced school mostly comprised of students from California.”

While extensive renovations to their provided apartment are continuing on NYU’s dime and President Hamilton has not released a statement insinuating otherwise, Jennie is “confident that [she] will convince him using less than bureaucratic means.”

While that could mean a multitude of things, “Let’s Move!” has already been endorsed by Alison Leary, who firmly believes in making people go places against their will.