Andy Hamilton To Force New Students To Boom Op For His Web Series

In an email blast sent out last Thursday, Andrew Hamilton announced that, in addition to paying their normal tuition, all new students must serve as boom ops on his new web series. That’s right — from this point forward, every NYU student will have to hold a boom pole for at least one episode of President Hamilton’s personal side project.

The web series, which will either be titled “Andy’s City” or “Follow That Cab!”, will center on Andrew Lamilton, a newly hired university president “with a heart of gold.”

“Lamilton’s a real fish out of water here,” explains Hamilton. “He’s excited about his new life in the big city, but it’s going to take a little getting used to. He’s used to a slower pace of life.”

The semi-scripted web series will reportedly see Lamilton navigating a world of “grades, girls, and ganja” as a 50-something college kid living in the heart of Greenwich Village. Lamilton will struggle to balance his social life with the responsibilities of being president at a large international university, all while making sure to steer clear of the cops.

“It’s going to be like a blend of Kids and Broad City,” according to the show’s wordpress page.

Also included in the email were the episode summaries for the first three episodes:



As soon as Andy’s flight touches tarmac, he knows his world is about to change. Later, Andy makes his first friend — Sly Willy, the wisecracking big-city sky marshall.


“A New York Education”

After flunking out of Math 101, Andy goes on a three-day bender across the city. Andy ends up learning a lot about New York — and about himself.


“Yes And”

Andy and Sly Willy start an improv troupe.


Some students have criticized this new requirement, claiming that they don’t want to waste their time on something that’s going to end up getting like 200 views on Vimeo. Hamilton disagrees with his critics. “First of all, this isn’t just another web series, it’s groundbreaking, and it’s going to launch my career,” Hamilton wrote in a recent follow-up email. “Secondly, it’s not going to be a huge time commitment. It’s just going to be a few weekends here and there. Although I do have this whole Abu Dhabi story arc for season two, so scheduling that might be difficult.”