Animation Student Would Rather Die Than Continue Working on “Happy Puppy Friends” Film

As the semester comes to an end, Tisch students excitedly begin work on their final projects, but one animation student in particular is feeling quite the opposite. “I’ve been here for HOURS and all I have is this STUPID 4-second clip”, Brad Marshall ‘19 explained as he digitally draws in a little panting tongue on a baby golden retriever. “My final is about three puppy pals that must journey a great distance to rescue the ‘Dam-Squirrel in Distress’. God, I would rather DIE than keep working on this CRAP.”
Marshall played his project and the cartoon puppies begin climbing rainbow stairs for 4 seconds. “They’re singing the Happy Little Pup-cess Song, you know, like Princess,”Marshall said before bursting into tears. “I hate my life”.