Bobst Architects Admit They Never Considered Wind

Following a highly publicized internal investigation and some mysterious creaking sounds around the Washington Square Park area on windy days, the architectural and engineering team responsible for designing and constructing Bobst confessed they never considered the factor of wind when building the iconic library. The public conference served as a warning to faculty and students that anything from powerful gusts to slight breezes could result in catastrophic structural malfunctions. “

It wasn’t a particularly windy day when we were building it, so it just never crossed our minds.” Said Lenny Bard, head engineer on the project, as he held back tears. “It could crumble, it could tip over, heck it could fly away. The point is, we don’t know.” In response, NYU officials said they were aware of the fault in design but would keep Bobst open because the chances of wind happening were low. “I think you’re forgetting that Chicago is nicknamed ‘The Windy City,’ not New York. Besides, what’s the big deal, it’s not like it’s some distinguished professor’s vacation home.”