BREAKING: Girl Who Went On Spring Break To Mexico Doesn’t Tell You All About It

Shocking reports are coming in that junior Becky Baker, Vice Chair of Delta Phi Epsilon and Pinterest advocate, is continuing her silence in regards to her Spring Break trip to Mexico. While little details are known, Becky reportedly “had a bomb ass time in Cancun with her home girls”, to quote her Instagram. However, while her online photo albums may tell the story, Becky it seems, will not.

Even when prompted with questions of her break, Becky’s cool resolve never lets you know of the late night margaritas and salsa dancing with “the girls”. Instead, Becky has chosen to calmly explain that her break was fun, and politely ask about others’ breaks. When questioned, Becky said, “I guess I’m just more of a private person. I don’t need everyone to know I had fun. Having fun’s enough for me”.