Campus Mugger Revealed To Be Two Tisch Kids Doing “Helping Hands” Drama Exercise

After a rash of muggings on campus this past month, students are concerned about safety when walking through key areas, such as Washington Square Park and the east side of campus. However, in a WSL exclusive, it has been revealed that the muggings are being perpetrated by two male students, both men and both actors in Tisch Drama’s Atlantic School of Acting. They are allegedly mugging people while at the same time performing the “helping hands” drama exercise. The exercise appears to be part of an assignment from the school, though no one from the administration has commented on the veracity of this claim.

The exercise, a staple of acting schools everywhere, involves two people. The first person stands with their arms wrapped behind their back, while the second person stands behind them. They insert their arms between the other person’s armpits and pretend to be the arms of the other person. Many times, this exercise is accompanied by other materials for the person to play with. Whether it’s makeup or food, often times the materials end up on somebody’s face.

While the students remain at large, an investigation within Tisch is being conducted and the suspects are expected to be apprehended by the end of this week, assuming they do not stage their own death.