CAMPUS PROFILES: Meet The Graphic Designer Who Photoshops Medical Degrees For The Health Center

Among the dozens of amazing people that work at NYU, few are as important as Kelly Wyatt, a graphic designer who photoshops official looking diplomas for the doctors at the NYU Student Health Center.

“I’ve always had a deep desire to make a difference in the community,” says Wyatt. “When the NYU SHC came to me with this job, I thought, ‘what better way to do that than helping med school drop-outs fake their way into treating college kids?'”

And make a difference she does, especially when it comes time for inspections and reaccreditation.

“Without Kelly, we would literally have no one qualified to work here,” said SHC director Dougie Houser, pausing to make air quotes around the word “qualified” with his fingers. “We’d get shut down in an instant.”

“She graduated from Gallatin in 2011,” added Houser. “With a degree in ‘Early-Postmodern Photo-Doctoring’ so technically she’s our only real doctor.”