“Check your privilege,” Says Extremely Privileged Student Going to NYU


NEW YORK, NY–After hearing a female student complain to her about how hard it is to find guys in Tisch, Laura Bennett, a pansexual, Exeter-educated CAS sophomore who is extremely privileged to go to NYU, immediately told the student to check her privilege. “You better check your privilege,” said Bennett, whose biological Caucasian parents can afford to pay full tuition for her Gender and Sexuality Studies degree at NYU, adding that “non-cisgendered people don’t know the oppression and hardship that comes with falling outside the gender binary” and “your flippant statements continue to oppress non cis people everywhere”. Bennett then stormed out of the Tisch lounge where the argument took place, her Louis Vuitton scarf flowing behind her.

Bennett was so furious she almost forgot her Coach handbag behind, but thanks to the excellent grip on her Doc Martens, she was able to turn around in the snow quickly and retrieve the handbag where she left it in the Tisch lounge. “I just can’t believe the extraordinary privilege people have. I don’t care where you went to school or who you are, know about people outside the gender binary”.

Bennett starts most of her statements in class with “as a pansexual person…”.