Coles Construction Worker Fired for Accidentally Tearing Down Bobst

In a major setback to NYU’s 2031 Project, the Elmer Holmes Bobst Memorial Library was destroyed Thursday by a confused construction worker after he mistook the building for the Jerome S. Coles Sports Center, the building originally scheduled for demolition.


“After you been in the job for as long as I have, they all start to look the same.” Said Terry Michaels, 45, after he single-handedly reduced the library to rubble with just a small hammer and a large axe. “They gotta make it clearer which buildings are which because I was just doing my job.”
An air of celebration could be felt in the crowd gathered outside the steaming remnants of the building. Pre-med students openly danced on the crumbled walls and shattered windows of a building they reportedly also mistook not for a library, but a prison.