College Improv Troupe Invites Students To Take A Study Break, Watch Some Bad Comedy

Local NYU Improv troupe “Improvulation” has invited all of NYU to attend their final show of the semester. According to the description on Improvulation’s Facebook event, the show will offer students the chance to, if only for a moment, escape the stress of their upcoming finals.

“We just want to say to all the students out there: put down the books, come on down to a depressing lecture hall on the ninth floor of Kimmel, and enjoy some really mediocre comedy from a bunch of 20 year old drama students,” said Matt Pierson, the group’s leader. “You deserve it.”

Pierson explains that he wants to offer students an opportunity to take a break from the end of semester hustle and bustle and enjoy a performance by a group of attention-hungry college students who are all either trying way too hard or not hard enough.