Dance Major Injures Foot, Forcing Teacher to Put Her Out to Pasture


It was a gloomy day in Tisch as dance major Glenda Orbison ’17 broke her ankle during a botched plié, resulting in her being taken out to the big dance hall in the sky by her instructor, Carp Tharp.

“It’s easily the worst part of the job,” said Tharp, “But a foot injury this bad? There was nothing more we can do but make sure she had a great last day.”

Tharp took Orbison out to an empty studio where she was able to walk around and watch the sunset from the window while eating from a bag of oats and pumpkin spice Oreos. “We all got to say out tearful goodbyes,” said fellow dancer Sally Yeller. “It’s always so hard when this happens.”

After a day of laughter and introductory jazz tap, Tharp took Orbison to the roof where she used a Winchester rifle to put her out to the great pasture in the sky while tearfully singing “Dancing With Myself.”