Fellow Students Unable to Break It to Professor That Kyle Dropped the Class

After six long weeks, students of The Literature of Rebellion in Early Modern Europe didn’t have the heart to tell their professor that Kyle Smith, a name he’s called every week, has dropped the class.

“Kyle? Is Kyle here today? Where’s Kyle?” asked Professor F. Lat Stanley, his tone growing more and more urgent, the crushing truth somehow not registering with him.

“We didn’t know what to do,” said sophomore Jon Johnson. “But we couldn’t tell him. Not yet. Not like this.”

The class was silent before Stanley asked if they thought Kyle would show up.  “Yes. Of course he will,” choked out junior Becky Rebeccason, stifling a sob. “I’m sure he will. He always does.”

“How could we tell him?” asked Rebeccason after class. “It’s just all so cruel…” she muttered, trailing off into tears.

“What class?” asked Kyle, when approached by WSL. “Oh that one. Yeah, I dropped that motherfucker forever ago. Professor was creepy as shit.”