Film & TV Senior Prepared to Use Sound Blanket as Comforter After Graduation

At long last in her final semester at NYU, Tisch senior Emilee Stannis is prepared for the tough times ahead as she tries to get freelance work with her Film & Television degree.

As someone who primarily focused on directing, she feels her chances are realistically “slim to none” when it comes to being able to support herself over the next five to twenty years. In preparation for this fate, Emilee says she’s secured several pieces of film equipment and gear that will doubly serve as furnishings for her closet-sized rented room in Bushwick.

“I really am just looking for ways to make the copious amounts of money I’ve spent on apple boxes, lenses, and other items as useful in my apartment as they are on set,” says Stannis, pointing to her bed, a pile of bounce boards with several sound blankets layered on top.

As she approaches graduation, Stannis is intrigued by what other uses she can find for the gear seeing as her only job prospects are either an unpaid internship or a job at Starbucks.

“My family and friends have made it clear that I could and probably should just sell the equipment I don’t use since it is worth a lot, but then how would I be able to help shoot the webseries my friends and I have been developing over the last four years?” questioned Stannis.