For Just One Meal Swipe A Day, You Can Help Feed A Hungry Upperclassman

What would you do if there was a 20-year-old man right in front of you, sitting alone without a meal, mildly hungry because he hasn’t eaten in a couple hours? And what if all you had to do was reach into your pocket, take out your ID, and buy that man a soggy Chick-fil-A sandwich?

All across campus, juniors and seniors are going hungry because their parents will no longer buy them an overpriced meal plan. They’ll give them money for groceries instead, saying things like, “It’s more economical,” and, “Don’t spend this money on alcohol and weed.” But they fail to realize these students will be forced to spend all that money on alcohol and weed.

Who will help these poor souls?

For just one meal swipe and a couple dining dollars a day, we can put an end to this tragedy. Go to Upstein today, and wait outside for them to pass by. You’ll see their empty, hungover gaze as they walk to class, and you’ll know: this is your moment. Let’s show these kids what real, day-old sushi tastes like.