Freshman Adds Free Meal Swipes to OK Cupid Profile

After months of trying to attract prospective dates, Brendan Rodgers, a freshman in CAS, has added his ability to provide meal swipes at NYU dining halls to his OKCupid profile.

“I just want to show people all that I have to offer,” says Rodgers. “From my massive collection of vintage postage stamps, to my pet goldfish, to the large quantity of free food I’m capable of providing to anyone willing to spend a small portion of time with me, prospective dates really deserve to know what I’m about.”

So far, according to Rodgers, the plan has been working out. “Just the other day my date told me she was going to take the food and head back to her place. It took me a moment to realize that wasn’t an invitation. Still she seems game to meet up again in a couple days at Upstein.”

Cynthia Schultz, a junior in Steinhardt, had a date with Rodgers last week at Hayden. When asked what she thought of Rodgers, Schultz replied “Who?”.