From Fire to FYRE: Where Others See Tragedy, NYU Sees Opportunity to Expand

With the dust barely settled from the recent building collapse in the East Village, NYU spokesman John Beckman has confirmed NYU’s intention to buy and develop the land into a new NYU facility. “Look, I was just want to be clear that we weren’t in any way involved with what happened. Sometimes things just work out, you know?” Beckman said in a press conference on Thursday. Still, some have criticized the plan to develop the area into a first year residence experience, citing the plan’s name, “From Fire to FYRE”, to be in particularly poor taste.

Others, however, have expressed a great deal of excitement about the plan. Tiffany Shaw, a Sophomore in Steinhardt who plans to live in the Seventh Street dorm next year, which is less than a block from the site, is particularly fond of the idea. “Living next to an NYU construction site is what being a real New Yorker is all about. I can’t wait to complain with my neighbors about how NYU is destroying the character of the neighborhood,” she told us.

At press time, in what he assured us is unrelated news, Beckman also informed us of a $5,000 planned increase in tuition.