FUN FACT: Andrew Hamilton’s Chief Of Staff Is Also Andrew Hamilton

Although nobody ever talks about it, Andrew Hamilton is more than just President of NYU. Yes, in addition to his duties overseeing the growth and development of a global university with three full campuses and a dozen more across the world, Hamilton does even more. He is actually his own chief of staff.

Going under the name Rich Baum when assuming his alternative duties as Chief of Staff to the President, Hamilton prefers to lie below the surface. After all, it can be disconcerting to third parties when the two other people in the room are in fact the same person. But, by assuming a different name, a very American name at that, other people are none the wiser to Hamilton’s alternative identity.

When reached for comment, Hamilton replied, “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” before giving what looked like a wink. When asked to confirm whether he had in fact just winked, he said, “What? No! This line of questioning is very strange. Waiter, [we cornered him while he was eating at the Union Square T.G.I Fridays], please remove this man!” Truly, the secrecy of Hamilton’s second identity is very important to him.