Gallatin Senior Excited To Graduate With A Concentration In “Harvard Law Degree”

After finalizing her schedule for the Spring of 2016, Trish, a Gallatin undergraduate is set to graduate NYU with a specialized concentration in “Harvard Law Degree.” “For a while I couldn’t make up my mind between this or Cornell Medical School, but I feel confident that I made the right choice.” The news was confirmed by the student’s academic advisor, who said that a combination of liberal arts credits and other relevant classes, such as a wine tasting seminar, granted the student their degree in the top tier Ivy League Law School degree. “I’m really thankful that NYU and Gallatin allow me to get the education I want. All my life, I’ve wanted to get an Ivy League Education, and now I can finally say that I’ve gotten a degree in that education.” When asked about her plans after graduation, Trish said she could see herself working at a top tier New York law firm, the US District Court downtown, or the cafe in the Tisch Lounge.