Gallatin Senior’s Concentration In “Extraterrestrial Studies & Origins” Looking Grim For Job Prospects

With her 4-year study on Extraterrestrial Studies & Origins coming to an end, Gallatin senior Maicy Williams is losing hope about her post-graduation job prospects.

“I decided to study extraterrestrials my freshman year after seeing the 2002 film ‘Signs,’” Williams described as she scrolled through the 3 jobs she’s qualified for. “Great movie. But now, after four years, I’m realizing that wasn’t the smartest idea in terms of employment. But I mean, M. Night Shyamalan’s best work, for sure.”

Maicy’s parents have already jumped ship: “Oh, she’s on her own. We wanted to support her interests through college but once she graduates we’re not responsible for her major in Space Aliens.”

Maicy’s advisor isn’t really sure what to tell her, but purchased her 12 copies of “Signs” as a graduation gift.