Gallatin Sophomore is Disgusted by Boarding Procedure on Flight Home

NEW YORK, NY–Noah Goldstein watched in horror as United Airlines flaunted its ableist, ageist, heteronormative policies as they asked passengers with disabilities or with young children to board first. “It must feel so terrible to be in a wheelchair and then on top of that being publicly singled out by the airline. Can’t we be more considerate of people from different walks of life?” asked Goldstein.

When asked how he felt by the experience, Mark Russo, paralyzed from the waist down, said, “Yeah, I appreciate that United does that. It makes more sense, for me, and for everyone else. It would take a lot longer for everyone if I had to navigate those small aisles while everyone else was there. It’s just sensible.”

Goldstein went on to rail against preferential treatment for couples that are able to produce a child themselves. “What, so only cis scum who can push babies out of their gross slits should be allowed to board early with their children?”

United Representative Amy Kim responded saying, “No, we allow anyone traveling with young children to board early. United doesn’t discriminate. Why would we care?”

Goldstein ignored Kim and continued to create problems that didn’t exist.