Generous Tisch Senior Offers “Signed Cast Photo” As Kickstarter Reward

In a move that displays his unbounded magnanimity, aspiring filmmaker and graduating senior Mitch Rosenthal has announced a new reward level for his Kickstarter campaign. Now project contributors who donate more than $50 will have the opportunity to receive a signed photo of the entire cast.

“At first I wasn’t going to donate, but then I saw Mitch’s facebook post about the new reward level,” stated Tom Patricks, one of Mitch’s High School friends. “Tom Gold, Cassy Walker, and Destiny Martinez all in one photo? This is an opportunity I truly can’t miss out on!”

A number of Mitch’s Facebook friends have shown excitement towards the new incentive, enchanted by the prospect of receiving a printed photograph depicting and signed by three strangers. For the low price of fifty wasted dollars, this photo is quite the bargain.

The proposed feature film for which Rosenthal started his kickstarter campaign has been described by Rosenthal as a “unique take on the lives of 20-something artists living and loving in the heart of the big apple.”

“The story is about a guy named Ross, but really it’s a story about humanity and what it means to be creative,” stated Rosenthal. “Also it’s a mockumentary.”

Rosenthal hopes that with the new incentive he’ll be able to raise enough money not only to create the film, but also to fly himself and his cast out to Sundance for the inevitable premiere.

For Cassy Walker’s growing fan base, which consists entirely of her grandmother and a strange older man, this photo is bound to be an essential collector’s item. Not only that, but in his limitless generosity Rosenthal has also promised that donors who reach the $50 donation level will also receive all previous awards. So Cassie’s grandmother and that strange older man can look forward to receiving something Rosenthal refers to as a “digital thank-you card” as well as the smudged sharpie signatures of three totally unknown student actors.

“Of course, my signature won’t be included,” said Rosenthal. “That’s part of the $100 ‘Producer Package.’”

At press time, Rosenthal had raised less than a quarter of his budget.