Girl With Weird Leg Won’t Stop Talking About How Weird Her Leg Is

Chris Murray, a junior in CAS, was minding his own business at a party Saturday night, when he was approached by a girl who apparently wouldn’t stop talking about her “really weird leg”.

“She never even let me get a word in,” reports Murray, still dazed from the interaction. “She just went on and on about what a normal leg is supposed to be like, then would point to her leg and be like, ‘See?'”

Sources at the party confirm the woman did not seem intoxicated or under the effects of drugs. According to the the host Stacy Compton, the girl was not even invited and never introduced herself before diving into an unprompted speech about her weird leg.

“People just started calling her ‘Leg Girl,'” added Compton. “And nobody really stopped her once she got going. She just started bending it and walking around the room, shouting ‘How weird is this leg, guys?!’. It seemed like a normal leg.”

Despite her memorable appearance, nobody saw her leave the party or has seen her around campus since. And while her brief attendance remains confounding, her impression proves lasting.

“Honestly I can’t stop thinking about her,” says Murray. “If you’re out there, Leg Girl, reading this, just know theres a sucker out here waiting to take you on a date. Preferably to somewhere with limited stairs.”