Guy Catcalling In Washington Square Park Just Saying Hey To Actual Cat

Steinhardt sophomore Allie Fairwinkle was almost offended when she found that the guy catcalling her in Washington Square Park was actually just saying hey to a small calico cat hiding under a bench.

“Hey there little mama,” cooed the man, whistling. “Come give daddy some love.”

“I even had my pepper spray at the ready, but was startled to find that he was just a huge animal lover,” Allie said, while the cat basked in the sunlight. 

The catcaller in question, Chad Baker, stated, “What can I say, cats are adorable.” He then pulled a picture from his wallet of his own feline friend. “She passed away last year, my sweet Mona. Ever since I’ve had a longing desire to fill that void.”

Allie has decided to stay inside from now on in order to avoid all people.