History Major Writes 146-Page Paper Comparing Hitler To Hitler, Receives A+

CAS History professor Anne Driod was pleasantly surprised on Thursday when she received senior Stew Pidley’s midterm essay. The essay, entitled, “Hitler: The New Hitler?” thoroughly synthesizes Adolf Hitler and Adolf Hitler.

“It’s really striking how similar they are,” stated Pidley, putting down his glass of Jack Daniels and dog earring his unworn copy of Catcher In The Rye. “The Holocaust is almost a mirror image of the Holocaust. And their histories of being rejected artists? Unreal. I mean, even their names are the same! That can’t be a coincidence. I guess no one has had the balls to admit it, until I came along.”

A key point of the essay is the 15-page long comparison of Hitler’s relationship with Eva Braun and Hitler’s relationship with Eva Braun, which even delves into the similarities in their deaths.  

“Finally, someone sees the connection!” exclaimed Professor Droid, with a satisfied chuckle. “It’s really not very often that I get such astute student analysis. I have truly never seen such a rich evidence-based, well-rounded argument. Mr. Pidley all but had me convinced. I can finally retire knowing there’s at least one great future historian out there.”