In News: Floormate Is Pretty Loud At Mixing Beats

The unfortunate residents of Weinstein’s fifth floor (west) have finally spoken up about the noise levels emanating from 508, home of Freshman music producer Lewis Abram.

Sydney Walden ‘18, lives across the hall and stated that Abram “must have a lot of nice and extremely loud equipment in there, but I think some of the buttons might be broken because I’ve been hearing the same heavy-bass rhythm since September.” Walden is not alone in feeling perturbed by the constant noises, Abram’s roommate, who wished to remain anonymous for reasons we can’t understand, cited his concerns, “I’m not sure he’s even going to his classes, he is constantly in there, bobbing his head for hours on end, usually with his eyes gently shut.”

When asked about his endeavors, Abram became quite defensive and lashed out saying “YO, it’s not my fault if people can’t appreciate these dope beats I’m laying down! I just gotta do me, ya know?” He then proceeded to turn back up his speakers, sending the vibrations through the cinderblock walls.

So far Abram’s SoundButt account has no uploads but he hopes to “share [his] fat tracks” sooner than later so the he can get into the club circuit to DJ by the end of the year.

**Abram is currently “looking for a trill ass rapper” to collaborate with. All interests or inquiries should be forwarded to “”