INSPIRING: This Sophomore Is An Impassioned Activist In That He Just Yells At People A Lot

With the disturbing political climate the nation has found itself in, Tisch sophomore Mike Spelling has become a passionate political activist in that he just yells at anyone who has different opinions.

“You know, with Donald Trump elected president, it’s more important now than ever before that we citizens do our part,” Spelling explained as he deleted Trump supporting friends on Facebook. “Some people protest, or donate to important organizations, but me, I just sit here on my computer and make sure everyone knows how racist they are.”

Another Tisch student, Maya Collars (’19), has a different approach: “I’m working on a charity event and attending peaceful protests when I can. It’s important to spread the message of love, not hate.”

Spelling’s next plan of action is to comment on any political posts he doesn’t agree with in all capital letters.