Junior Too Busy Admiring Own Taste In Music Listens To Entire Album Without Realizing It

This past week, a Gallatin junior going by the name “Dumpster Fire” listened to an entire Mobb Deep album without even realizing it. Persons close to the junior blamed his inability to focus on anything other than his own sophisticated taste in music.

The incident took place on the popular music streaming service Spotify, and lasted approximately 45 minutes. According to reports, Fire quickly pressed play on the album “Murda Muzik” without thinking about it. He then proceeded to go through his playlists, patting himself on the back for his flawless curation.

Playlists like “~~spring~~” and “for her” stood out in particular for their blending of relaxing songs with songs by bands that have been imprisoned by Eastern European dictators.

Fire remained unfazed by the slip-up, however, and proceeded to tell reporters without prompting that the web series iteration of “High Maintenance” is much better than the new HBO version.