Junior’s Reported Amount of Fun On Study Abroad Incongruous With Amount of Time Spent on Social Media

Although, Marco Matelli (CAS ’17) is reporting having “the time of his life” in London (and Amsterdam, and Barcelona, and some other place), the approximate 3.4 hours a day he spends on social media are in direct conflict with his assertion. “I’m having so much fun! Study abroad has to be a lot of fun, right? I’d be doing it wrong if I wasn’t having fun!” he said as he posted more pictures of himself in front of something old. “I love spending two or three days in a city, getting to know basically nothing about it besides two tourist trap bars and guidebook museums, then going and imposing upon and simultaneously culturally robbing another city!” Upon returning home, Marco said he plans on reportedly talking about gorgeous foreign chicks that he definitely never slept with.