NYU Alternative Breaks: Students Thrilled About Solving Poverty, Newly Acquired Profile Picture

This winter break, NYU students traveled across the country and globe to explore political and social community dynamics in order to affect social change. Students traveled to exotic locales such as San Juan, Puerto Rico, Tola, Nicaragua, and Salinas, California, in order to fix poverty and get great profile pictures.

“It’s amazing that NYU gives us such great opportunities to learn about the world and fix poor people, and I’m glad I fixed poor people this winter break,” said junior Amanda Weinstein. “Also, this is doing great things for my Instagram.” Referring to one specific picture, she stated, “This will probably net me somewhere between 150-175 likes. And it’s not even cause of the way my ass looks in these leggings.”

Activities for the students included posing with work tools outside of an orphanage, holding ethnic children for selfies, and long treks to find wifi. Said Senior Parker Robinson, “It really puts things in perspective. We were without wifi for about ten hours at one point, and yet all these people were so happy. Really inspiring stuff.”