NYU Bike Share Adds Two Tricycles and Broken Skateboard to Fleet

NYU’s Bike Share program took yet another step in its quest to promote the use of green technology around campus last Friday by announcing that it had expanded its sprawling fleet to include two rickety tricycles and a skateboard with half a deck and one wheel.

Bike Share Director Porter Fandango says plans to bolster the University’s aging armada have been in the works since as early as 2012, but were delayed due to budgetary restrictions. The new additions were purchased from the City of New York at a Seized Assets Auction earlier last month.

“Over the last few weeks our team of mechanics have been giving these vehicles full tune-ups to ensure they’re in safe working condition for our passengers,” said Fandango, responding to concerns that the program may have sacrificed functionality for frugality. “And trust me when I say this: we had the accountants working day and night to find a way to pay for this deal.”

Safety concerns aside, Fandango went onto say that, barring any hiccups during the State-mandated emissions inspection, he expected the new rides to be available for rental by the end of the week.