NYU Institutes Policy Of “Extreme Vetting” After Dangerous Extremist Incites Violence On Campus

With the dust beginning to settle after the speaking engagement of far right extremist Gavin McInnes, attention has turned to how events like this could be better handled in the future.

In a statement given early this afternoon, spokesman John Beckman said NYU would be changing its policy for who it allows on campus. “Starting immediately, we will begin a policy of extreme vetting for speakers, as well as students and faculty. This vetting will be targeted at young white men, who have presented a pervasive and visible threat to the NYU community.”

“There’s no telling how many young white men this guy’s radicalized,” said NYU sociology professor Sarah Quinn. “I’m done being politically correct. This is a real problem and the mainstream media is ignoring it.”

The NYU College Republicans so far have stood by their decision to host an individual who has promoted the creation of a white ethno-state, and his roving gang of zealots, who call themselves, “The Proud Boys,” spent much of the evening launching spontaneous attacks on journalists and students protesting the event.

Still, many students have criticized the club for inviting McInnes, a well-known radical onto NYU’s campus.

“What the College Republicans need to understand is that these people can’t be reasoned with. Their beliefs are fundamentally toxic, and unfortunately many young white men prove particularly susceptible to them,” said CAS sophomore Natasha Palmer.

Sources say that following the event, McInnes has sought shelter in his “man-cave” in an unknown location. Security experts expect him to strike again.