NYU Law Grad Makes Judgement On Landmark ‘Man v. Food’ Case

Alex Havermeyer, NYU Law Class of ’12, is making headlines this morning after the culmination of a nearly year-long investigation into the Travel Channel reality television show Man vs. Food.

Legal scholars and foodies alike waited eagerly for Havermeyer’s decision, which was released to the public at around 9am Friday morning.

“After careful review of all evidence put forth by all parties regarding the show, its content, creator, and general entertainment value,” wrote Havermeyer in his opinion, “I have come to the conclusion that Man vs. Food is ‘Eh, tolerable.’ I don’t think I would rewatch it, but it did help pass the time.”

Havermeyer, who reviewed every minute of footage from the four-season-long show, cited interesting restaurants and signature dishes as evidence for entertainment value, while decrying the show’s host, Adam Richman, who he described as an “worse Guy Fieri.”

“Additionally, the food challenges get old. We get it, there’s either way too much food for a normal person to consume in one sitting or it’s so spicy your tongue will fall out. Surely there must be other activities Richman could try?”

When asked for comment, representatives of the show’s legal team had little to say.

“I think it’s obvious that, while we’re not thrilled with the decision, we recognize that it could have been a lot worse,” stated Teressa Mei. “The issue we face now is whether or not we’re going to appeal it.”

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