NYU Pike Chapter Endorses Trump

With only weeks to go until election day, NYU’s own Pi Kappa Alpha chapter has finally made its decision on who to endorse.

“We wanted to make sure the candidate we endorsed was one that truly shared our values,” a Pike spokesman said in a statement. “In light of Mr. Trump’s comments on sexually assaulting women that have recently been uncovered, we can be confident in that fact.” The statement went on to say that Trump is a “bro” who is “totally going to get some in the White House.”

The reaction from the NYU community has been mixed. Sophomore Max Wilson has conflicting views about the endorsement. “I mean on one hand it’s nice see to young people standing up for their values. It’s just a shame those values have to be oppressing and subordinating women.” At press time, Pike officials called on the Trump campaign to endorse easier access to Rohypnol.