NYU Study Abroad Program Moved to Epcot Center

NYU announced on Monday it would close all thirteen global campuses used for Study Abroad and move the entire program to Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

In a press release, the school cited “fiscal efficiency” for the move to Epcot. “The ability to interact with at least eleven different cultures within a single theme park is incredible. Who knows what the possibilities hold for NYU students adventurous enough to leave New York for a new city, a new climate!”

Disney World has guaranteed housing for every NYU student studying abroad with them, but students may only be in their dorms before and after business hours, as they will be fully immersed in Epcot attractions. Outside the main campus, students will have the opportunity to travel with their friends to nearby natural landmarks such as Space Mountain as well as historical sites like the Hall of Presidents.

Attuned to the interests of the driven students who choose to study abroad, NYU listed the many organizations students would be able to intern with during their time abroad. The organizations include Walt Disney World Department of Sales, Walt Disney World Department of Dining, and Walt Disney World Department of Characters and Mascots. To acclimate themselves to the social standards of Disney World visitors, all students will be required to take a course entitled “Cultures and Contexts: NASCAR”.