NYU Work Study to Start Paying in “Fun Money”

As the new semester begins, NYU’s Financial Council, a diverse and eclectic group of old white men, have devised a new money saving technique that directly harms benefits students!

Instead of paying hard working student workers in the Work Study program with real American currency, the Financial Council has invented “Fun Money.” This is very exciting for the student body, many who rely on their NYU jobs for some extra income in one of the most expensive cities in the world. “This doesn’t even surprise me at this point. NYU charges you a fee to get your actual paper diploma after you’ve paid $250,000 in tuition,” said Junior Annie Body.

Fun Money will have a variety of fun and exciting uses* and will be available very soon.

*Unfortunately those uses won’t be available until 2018 and do not include the following: printing, dining dollars, any of the dining halls, the burger studio, printing, washing machines, any Manhattan based store, stores at home, or anywhere that uses legitimate currency.