Otherkin Student Association Starts “I, too, also, am NYU” Campaign

NYU’s Otherkin Student Association, a group of students who believe themselves to be partially or entirely nonhuman, has started a new campaign highlighting the problems and microagressions of being a nonhuman on a human campus.

This powerful campaign encompasses all manner of otherkin, from Otakin, who believe they are anime characters, to dracokin, who believe they are dragons.

Here are some highlights from this powerful campaign:

“Just because I’m a dracokin does NOT mean that I always have a light for your cigarette”.

“No, just because I’m an elf otherkin does not mean I know how to fix your shoes.”

“Being stuck in a three dimensional body does not make me any less of an anime character on the inside.”

“I just don’t understand how someone can actually think that they are a dragon on the inside, mostly because dragons aren’t real in the first place” – My human roommate.

“You look so nice when you aren’t flying around and destroying buildings.” – My Professor.

“You only got into NYU because anime characters are an underrepresented minority here.” – My best friend.