Peace Corps To Begin Placing New Recruits in Weinstein

Beginning this fall, the Peace Corps will begin placing new recruits in Weinstein. The placement is part of a larger partnership with NYU to improve key areas of the school and student life.

The recruits hope to find new ways to make life better in the freshman dorm, which is infamous for its concrete walls and prison-style rooms. Trainee Paul Walnuts, a fresh recruit from Detroit, Michigan, is unsure that student life will improve. “I mean, we’re used to helping AIDS patients in Malawi, so I don’t know if we’re up to the task of making kids in Weinstein happy.”

The fresh-faced trainees will have full carte blanche to do whatever necessary to improve morale in the dorm. Said Weinstein Director Rudy Pooliani, “Good luck to ‘em. Let them do whatever.”

As a reminder, the recruits are not paid.