Peers Skeptical That Comparative Literature Major Actually Finished “Infinite Jest”

After two long, long months of skipping poetry slams and going to see what’s playing at IFC, Comparative Literature Major Moises Kent has finished David Foster Wallace’s 1079 page book Infinite Jest. “It’s been on my book shelf forever, so I finally decided to read it start to finish. I can tell you, it was worth the wait, I’ll definitely be reading it again,” says Kent. “I just think Wallace’s prose were so ahead of his time. He was so much smarter and understood the world better than anyone else. I think he’s definitely the type of writer I could see myself becoming.”

But not everyone fully agrees that Kent has accomplished what he says he has. “He’s full of shit,” says Flynn Carter, Kent’s roommate. “Every night he sits on his bed with that huge fucking in his lap, asking everyone to be quiet so he can concentrate, randomly laughing loudly for no reason, and other times just going ‘Mmmmmm yes of course.’”

When asked if he could give a quick recap of the book for our interviewer’s sake, Kent replied “I’m afraid you wouldn’t understand it,” and then nervously left the room.