Pre Med Student Dies From Finals Workload, Proudly Becomes Cadaver At NYU Langone

This week the NYU community was shocked when, Janis Milton ‘17, passed away due to her surmounting workload at the end of the semester, but rested easy knowing she would fulfill the pre-med students’ life contract by becoming a cadaver at NYU Langone. After studying her carcass, many of the soon-to-be doctors believed that she is now rejoicing in the big ICU up in the sky, surrounded by 72 residents. “She died a warrior’s death,” says first-year medical student, Kim Thompson. “I hope that I can only bring the same glory to my family.”

While Milton’s peers were saddened by the loss, most were excited for the eternal rounds she is currently doing in heaven. Thompson and her lab mates were unsurprised to find lots of unprescribed Adderall as well as various energy drinks in Milton’s system, showing that she really was trying her hardest.. “I heard she was studying for Orgo… not everyone survives that,” said Thompson upon looking over her completed autopsy report. She also noted, “This could have just as easily have been me a few years ago.”
A study session will be held in Milton’s honor this Wednesday night on the 5th floor of Bobst.