Roommate’s Weird Friend Getting Way Too Comfortable Using Fridge

Dale Stewart, a Stern sophomore, has reportedly observed on a number of occasions his roommate’s weird friend using the shared refrigerator in his suite.

“At first he would ask, like if he wanted to store his sandwich in there for a few hours,” said Stewart. “But now he’ll just swing the door open without hesitation, and he’ll look through our food like he owns the place.”

This shocking revelation comes just days after it was revealed that the aforementioned weird friend has not only been inviting himself in unannounced, but also that he has been helping himself to the shared box of Thin Mints.

“He’ll just waltz right in, pop open the fridge, and make himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich right in front of me,” reported Stewart. “I mean the fucking audacity. I think he kept a whole cake in there for a week, too.”