School Pride: A Poem

I love my school

I love our colors purple and white

I love my school

Yesterday me and a squirrel in Washington Square Park got in a fight


My school is beautiful

My school is bright

I love my school

But most of all I loved the sweet satisfaction of punching that squirrel in the face in broad daylight


When I see my school, I see artists

I see business people,

and I see the ghost of the ruthless squirrel who I killed haunting me with every step I take

When I see my school I see the movie Ghost except I am Demi Moore and the squirrel is Patrick Swayze and together we are making the world’s worst pottery


When I see my school I see athletes, I see mathematicians

and sometimes I even see the family of the squirrel whom I killed,

I have befriended them and they have now accepted me as one of their own

and as we play a friendly game of nut toss I think, do they know?

do they know I am responsible for the murder of their son?


We are school of winners,

we are a school of dreamers,

but I am a champion because after that squirrel took a bite out of my falafel sending me into a fit of uncontrollable rage, I defeated him once and for all

Yes, his cheeks were stuffed with my fresh falafel

But I was stuffed with school pride, (Go Bobcats)

And I harnessed this energy to nail that sucker to the ground

I love my school

My school is the very best