Secret NYU Society Worried No One’s Heard of Them

The Orange Jackalopes, a secret society at NYU, has become increasingly concerned over a lack of awareness on campus of their existence.

“I thought being part of a secret society would be cool,” said one new member who spoke to us under conditions of anonymity, “but really it’s just a bunch of random people getting together once a week who have decided to give themselves a funny name.”

Members of the group have found it difficult to maintain their secrecy in their effort to become better known. Not all members, however, feel the same way. Speaking anonymously, one member told us “I like the fact that no one has heard of the Orange Jackalopes. It makes it so much hipper.”

Albert McVeigh, a junior at CAS who was approached by the group, told us, “initially I was curious, but eventually it became evident it was just a bunch of strangers asking me to hang out with them.”

At press time the group revealed their intention to start hanging signs around campus reading “Who are the Orange Jackalopes?”.