Sixth-Year Senior Decides It’s Perfect Time To Switch Majors

In the midst of his 13th consecutive NYU semester, Super Senior Ray Clark has begun to consider this the prime time to change his major. Having spent the past 5+ years working towards a Statistics degree, Ray is now considering leaving the subject with only 8 credits needed to graduate, and instead enrolling in a Comparative Literature major. Such a switch would require an additional 3 minimum years in order to complete, and cost approximately $210,000 extra in tuition and fees.

“I just really felt like this was the time to settle down and go after what I really want. I mean, why not now?” commented Clark while waiting for the bus to take him to the alphabet city apartment where he lives with two men of the same age who have already graduated and begun pursuing careers. When asked for his opinion, Ray’s academic advisor, Professor Rubenstein, rolled his eyes and explained “I don’t have time to question the choices my advisees make. I don’t even have the time to understand them. If a 24-year-old wants to stay in this god-forsaken system for longer than necessary, that’s his own mistake. Come see me when there’s some ambitious junior trying to graduate early, and I’ll start causing problems.”

In the meantime, Clark is perfectly happy to continue taking the bare minimum of 12 credits per semester for as long as legally possible, but don’t you dare fucking ask if he’s a grad student.