Sophomore Couple Agrees To Delay Break-Up By One Day For Sake Of Joint Costume

As the night of Halloween approaches, sophomore couple Stacy LeBlanc and Andrew Perry have mutually decided to delay the end of their relationship unit tomorrow, leaving just enough time to show off the couple’s costume they’ve been planning for months.

Despite numerous relationship issues including cheating, emotional abuse, and a general disinterest in each other, LeBlanc and Perry believe staying together a few more days in order to debut their super creative and unique “Netflix and Chill” costume to the world is totally worth it.

“We just can’t give up yet, not with so much to lose,” explained Perry, who will be wearing a red t-shirt with the “Chill” half of the duo’s ensemble. “What, am I supposed to go as just ‘chill’ for Halloween? That makes no sense. I’d much rather continue dating a girl I truly hate for a few more days than try to find a whole new costume last-minute. That’s emotional maturity.”

At press time, LeBlanc and Perry’s friends were nowhere to be found, no doubt preparing for the inevitable fall-out that will occur on November 1st.