Sophomore Sleeps In Friend’s Dorm Until Roommate’s Obsession With Fall Dies Down

As a result of her roommate’s suffocating love of fall, Tisch sophomore Michelle Willis has decided to sleep in a friend’s dorm for the next few weeks until things settle down.

“I just don’t like coming home anymore, because Kelsey always confronts me about whether I’ve done any fall-related activities, when she knows I haven’t,” Willis explained as she took 2 Benadryl. “I’m really busy, so I don’t always have time to enjoy the fall season, but that doesn’t mean I’m never going to enjoy it!”

The dorm’s Residence Hall Director, Jim Swanson, hoped to provide Michelle with some good advice: “Roommate situations can be difficult when one feels their space is being encroached upon,” Swanson said as he looked through his notes. “In this case, Kelsey had placed a large pumpkin in the common area that was so big it covered Michelle’s doorway. My advice was just to tell her in a friendly way, ‘Hey, I literally can’t enter my room because there’s a pumpkin covering it.’ Communication is key.”

Michelle hopes that her roommate situation will blow over at some point, even if she has to wait until winter.