That Indian Kid From The Quidditch Team, That Kid Tom Among 2015 NYU Sports Award Winners!

It’s that time of year again. As the flowers in Washington Square Park bloom and NYU students across campus turn in their finals, we look back on a wonderful year and celebrate those who have worked so hard to not only excel at being students, but also as athletes.


The Awards for Best Athletes in Sports Go To:



Tom’s Dad

That Indian Kid on the Quidditch Team

The Team From Glory Road

Tom’s Prosthetic Leg

All the Weirdly Ripped Asians at Palladium

Aristotelis “Aristo” Orginos AKA The NYU Secrets Kid

Tom’s Dad’s Mom

Jed Sexton

Mike Tyson’s Daughter

Downstein’s Kitchen Staff

The Drunk Citibikers

Kim Jong Un

You! Congrats!

Come to Coles on Friday May 1st to receive your plaques and free T-Shirts!