Student Plans To Film Hilarious Web Series Idea If He Can Find Out Where To Rent Cameras and Equipment

CAS Cinema Studies junior Jeremy Steinhouse has come up with the perfect idea for a web series. Currently titled the “Untitled Jeremy Steinhouse Project”, the junior plans to film a series based on his life as a Jewish NYU student surviving the highs and lows of life in New York City. The only problem is, he doesn’t know where and how to rent cameras and equipment from NYU.

(Not Mr. Steinhouse. Cause this guy knows where to get a camera. Obviously.)


“The idea came to me while I was in my dorm room at Lafayette. I realized, this life in New York, it’s crazy! I need to make a web series about it, but I have no idea where the hell I can rent out equipment,” said Steinhouse as he searched Piratebay for Celtx software. “Like, can I rent it out from Tisch as a CAS student, or do I need to know somebody? I have no idea.”


Steinhouse says he has the first few episodes of his web series outlined. His scripts will be about meeting friends in Brooklyn for brunch, dealing with his neurotic Jewish parents, trying marijuana for the first time, and handling the crowded streets of SoHo on a Saturday. “I think they’re really original ideas, but honestly, do you know if the Media, Culture and Communications department has cameras?” asked Steinhouse. “I really want to get shooting right away, but do you know if you rent a camera out does it come with a stand?”. At the time of this article’s publication, Steinhouse’s planned web series is still in development, but Washington Square Local will update its readers on when Mr. Steinhouse plans to release his masterpiece.