Student Voices: “I Thought We Were All Wearing Pantsuits To The Protest. No? Just Me?”

CAS Sophomore April Carr was flustered and a little betrayed when she seemed to be the only one at the Anti-Trump protest wearing a bright blue pantsuit in support for Hillary Clinton.

When Carr was asked if her pantsuit was an intentional statement she said, “Of course it was intentional. You think I just have a closet full of brightly colored pantsuits? I feel like a misled blueberry.” Students at the protest quickly reminded Carr that Halloween was last month and she should really, seriously, please change.

After the protest, April headed to Party City, where she returned a short blonde wig and claimed “These people say they’re for Hillary, but when it comes down to it they refuse to go the extra mile.”

Further investigations reveal April Carr was so occupied with purchasing a pantsuit in support for Hillary Clinton, voting completely slipped her mind.